Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduations and our little man!

Mike graduates from Notre Dame! We are so proud of him! Axel slept through it all but I am sure if he could talk he would say.... GOOD JOB UNCLE MIKE!! Oh and did I mention Mike Graduated from Bethel two weeks before. So that meant 2 trips down to South Bend 7 hours round trip in a car in one day is a lot! But we would not have missed it for anything!

Apparently Engineer graduates get this pinky ring...some sort of tradition...kinda wild

As soon as Nana saw Axel he was in her surprise :-) She just loves him so much! And of course she did what she does best...but him to sleep!

Two of our best friends kid Avery and Ezra meeting Axel for the first time...there was a big discussion over who would get to hold him first! Can't wait until he is old enough to run around with them!

Look at all that hair!!

Snuggling with Mommy is something Axel loves! Do you blame him?!

Here is a fun wrap that my friend Anne gave me! He loves it! I would recommend it to anyone!

His first bath didn't go so well...he seems to like them more now...

As you can see from the pictures we have been LOVING having Axel in our lives! We can't believe we thought life was so great before him... we didn't know what great was!He is truely such a blessing! We also feel so blessed by all the people that have so much love for him already! He has had so many visitors, we will try and post pictures soon of all the people who have gotten over to see him!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Axel Andrew

It has been a while since posting on here but lots has happened....we have a new addition to our family...

He was born on April 21st at 1:20AM Weighing 9lbs 7 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long! We are loving him like crazy and can't remember what life was like without him! Here are some of our favorite pictures!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It is about time......

Climbing at 10,000 Rock Botanical Garden....we stopped counting at 3,329WE MADE IT TO THE TOP!! FINIALLY!

Van Ride

That is dried squid on the side walk

Getting tea at a tea shop. When you go to buy tea it is a two hour process...trying all the tea...

Part of the island Guylanu
Part of Bill's Factory. He runs it in a poor area to help those in need. He also employs several disabled individuals would otherwise have to beg for an income

More of the factory

One day andy and I took a walk along the beach for about half the was so hot, but beautiful

They have these exercise things all over....

A mini meat market

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Couple of Days..

I believe I haven't really posted much since Sunday. On Sunday we went to a church that is only allowed to be attended by foreigners. It is a way to let foreigners worship without being confined to normal Chinese laws concerning church. It was a great time of worship and afterwards we went out to lunch, and went and got massages, which I mentioned in an earlier post :-)
The last couple of days have been filled with shopping, and lots of walking. On Monday I got a little sick.

Lots of walking + LOTS of heat + little water = not feeling so good for about 24 hours.

On Monday we had been shopping all day and walking around the island Gulanyu. We were having such a good time I guess I didn't remember to drink much water. Needless to say I was out of commission for a good little while, sleeping and drinking lots! So yesterday (Tuesday) We were going to go to 10,000 rock botanical gardens, but decided to stay in for half the day and go in the afternoon. Last night for dinner Andy and I had another first.....we had SNAIL!!! It wasn't that bad either. Also Andy got his first pair of Air Force One's only costing him 80 Yuan, (If you do the math that works out to be about $11) and we even over paid, we should have gotten him to go time : -) Today we are going out to the Gardens, which is filled with lots of trails, caves, rocks, and other beautiful things! We will write more later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our first full day...

Today is Sunday, and it is very rainy we are thinking we are going to go get 2 hour massages for only about $12. Yesterday we went for a long walk on the boardwalk right on the beach. It was beautiful but very hot! We had to stop every once in a while and take a break to cool off. Later in the afternoon we took an adventure to a shopping area. A friend that is staying with Bill took us on the bus to a shopping area and it was our responsibility to get back. So after a couple of hours of shopping we attempted our return. We were headed on the right track when we got a little misguided by someone who misunderstood where we were headed. Never the less we made it back to our finial destination after a little bit of a detour. Good thing the bus is only about .15 And we could have taken a taxi but we were up for an adventure. Later that night we went to a little BBQ I guess you would call it on the beach. Except it was much better we had tofu, beans, rice and some kind of meat all on sticks. It was smoked and covered with a delicious sauce.